Friday, April 13, 2007

My Friend...


I hijacked some of your pics from your myspace page. Hope you don't mind. It turns out I only had five pics of you in my extensive 20-some pic archive of my life.

It's only now that I write this that your absence is manifesting into an emotional outpour. I feel like your death is the first real thing that's happened to me. I always imagined what it would be like to experience the death of someone I cared about. I would constantly play out my mother or my father dying, which prepared me for something...I just wouldn't have imagined it would be you.

I know we lost touch over the past two years, but I always relished the day when we would hang out again at my wedding or yours to catch up and reminisce on some of the good times we had. You were in my wedding party. I'm not super close to marriage at the moment, but there is a will.

I hope you know that I'm most critical of those that I care about. I know at times I was too critical and demanding, but I think you know that's just me. We did have some things in common, but it may have been our social awkwardness that brought us together? I'm not sure. I've been thinking about it for the past couple weeks.

Thanks for all the music knowledge you shared with me. Thanks for all the late night record sessions. Thanks for throwing all those memorable parties with me. Thanks for helping me make fun of people that I thought were ridiculous. Thanks for sticking up for me all those times when I was being obnoxious and deserved to be punched in the neck. Thanks for not punching me in the neck when I threw that bottle at your forehead. Thanks for being my best friend.

We're going to do it up on WXJM in your memory. Tune in from wherever you are...88.7 on your FM dial :)

-= jeff

Jes, your pants...nevermind.

Jeff, Jes and mennonite Rich cold lampin' at Fitz's
Jeff and Jes. Telemarketers 4 life

Tony putting Jes to sleep

Jes and Gouda having cat nap

Sunday, April 8, 2007

My remembrance

I'm basically going to re-post what I sent to the WXJM Alumni list. I think it would be good to start with re-posting what we said originally, to keep everything in a set place that we can come back to re-read in the future.

I ran into Jesse again a few years ago when I was in the 'Burg for MACRoCk or something. He seemed to be doing well, was back in school, and was happy.

Jesse and I became pretty good friends by the time I left JMU. Yeah, we didn't quite get along at first and he would occasionally be "Mr. Hyde", but eventually you realized that he actually had a really huge heart on the inside, was a very loyal friend, and was fun as hell to hang out with.

I have tons of great memories of Jesse: talking to him for hours at the station about old school punk rock bands (and other music), the "rave" that he and Jeff Monroe threw at their apartment, and the time that he and Sam stole the ROTC sign from the stadium! I know he was totally the instigator for that last one.

Every once in awhile I would think of Jesse and hope that I would run into him again. He will be missed...