Sunday, April 8, 2007

My remembrance

I'm basically going to re-post what I sent to the WXJM Alumni list. I think it would be good to start with re-posting what we said originally, to keep everything in a set place that we can come back to re-read in the future.

I ran into Jesse again a few years ago when I was in the 'Burg for MACRoCk or something. He seemed to be doing well, was back in school, and was happy.

Jesse and I became pretty good friends by the time I left JMU. Yeah, we didn't quite get along at first and he would occasionally be "Mr. Hyde", but eventually you realized that he actually had a really huge heart on the inside, was a very loyal friend, and was fun as hell to hang out with.

I have tons of great memories of Jesse: talking to him for hours at the station about old school punk rock bands (and other music), the "rave" that he and Jeff Monroe threw at their apartment, and the time that he and Sam stole the ROTC sign from the stadium! I know he was totally the instigator for that last one.

Every once in awhile I would think of Jesse and hope that I would run into him again. He will be missed...


Brian Donnelly said...

Is the person who wrote this post still around? I was a high school friend of Jesse and just saw this... sad

Jonny Roxx said...

Yes, still here, although I don't check this blog often. Jesse was a friend of mine from college. He is still very much missed.